My Discovery of Forensic Psychology

Hello, my name is Joanna and I’m a sophomore majoring in forensic psychology. When I first heard about forensic psychology I had absolutely no idea what it was, like most people. Before you commit yourself to this major, it’s important to read up on it, use your old friend Google to discover a little more on the wonderful world of forensic psychology! For one, it has nothing to do with forensic science like most people think. Remember when your parents said don’t believe what you see on television? Well, they were right! forensic psychology is nothing what it appears on television. Shows like CSI, Law and Order and Criminal Minds often  dramatize things radically for the ratings. Rather than working the frightfully exciting crime scene, forensic psychologists study the mind in relation to the law. The job requirements for forensic psychologists vary from evaluating one’s competency to stand trail, to serving as an expert witness in certain cases to determine one’s mental state.

Although television should not be your “go to” for answers on what your career choice should be, it did help me find out what my passion was. Law and Order Special Victims Unit is my all time favorite show, this is what primarily got me to realize psychology was for me. I chose forensic psychology as my major because I love law but I love psychology more, and instead of choosing between the two I found a major that combined the two in a unique way. After researching the basics and requirements of the major the choice was simple. Forensic psychology was for me.


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