BA/MA Forensic Psychology

Hey! I’m Agrona and I am also in the BA/MA Forensic Psychology program. Forensic Psychology has become an extremely popular major and I must admit that I fell in to all the hype of it as well.

In high school, my favorite classes were always history and government, but then I took one psychology course and learning the information just came so naturally. When entering college, I think it is important that you choose a major that you know you will enjoy and you will be happy with the courses offered in that major.
Forensic Psychology has some amazing classes like Theories of Personality, Culture, Psychopathology and Healing, Psychology of Criminal Behavior and the Masters program has even greater courses like Psychology and the Law, Counseling and Rehabilitation of Offenders, and Criminal Forensic Assessments. If you know who the best professors are to take for these courses, you are guaranteed to enjoy every minute of the classes. I always recommend asking the other students in your classes about who to take and their reasons why. Usually, it is known who the best and worst professors are because you either hear students raving about a professor or everyone complaining about them.
Forensic Psychology in both undergrad and masters level provides you with insight as to how it will be in working with a prison population, working with the mentally ill, or even dealing with substance abusers. I do feel that the courses prepare you well and give you a clear idea about what jobs to look in to and which ones to stay away from. That is helpful because it is hard to know what you want to do and the courses in the Forensic Psychology are great in directing your search.
Forensic Psychology did not end up being for me, but maybe it is your calling.

Good Luck!
Agrona Selimaj


One response to “BA/MA Forensic Psychology

  1. Recently, I decided to enroll into some forensic Psychology courses… Very exciting. Not easy, but I’m having a blast. Stronly recommend people decide on majors and/or careers based first on your own interests. I’ve always felt, if you enjoy it – you should pursue it. Thx for the post. EB

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